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Rent a car in Cancun or travel by bus?

Rent a car in Cancun or travel by bus?

Depending on various factors, you will have to evaluate the option of renting a car or traveling by bus if your destination is Cancun. Factors such as the type of trip you will do: business, vacation, single, as a couple, as a family, etc.
Traveling by bus can be an adventure, in addition to being a comfortable trip since the ADO terminal in Cancun has very comfortable buses, but of course it has obvious disadvantages.

What are the advantages of rent a car in Cancun?

    You will be free to move to the most tourist spots, not only in Cancun but throughout the state and surrounding areas.
    You can also discover natural jewels that are even far from communities or public transport stops.
    The comfort of getting in the car everything you need for adventure without having to carry a backpack for hours.
    You will have your time as best suits you.
    You will spend time on the road with your friends or family enjoying the incredible landscapes of the region, so they can build a good playlist to accompany the road.

What are the disadvantages of renting a car in Cancun?

    The main drawback is definitely tiredness, but if you go with friends and / or family members who drive, they can take turns so that the journeys don't get so heavy.
    Parking can always be chaotic.
As an extra, I tell you that the roads in the area are in excellent condition and very well marked, although if you prefer apps like Waze and Google Maps they can be excellent allies to reach your destination without setbacks if you choose to rent a car in Cancun.