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Fiat Mobi Like (Manual)

Economy 5 Passengers 2 Luggages Air Music
Updated at 16 May 2019


The 2017 Fiat Mobi is really fun car and it suits you who are very busy with your daily activities. Its compact and small body design will aid the drivers very much in parking and driving in the city. It means that women are also able to drive this small car wherever they want. Moreover, Fiat also designs it as light as possible. As a result, it allows a good performance to the 2017 Mobi surely. What about the fuel consumption? The lightweight impact also comes in this segment. Without further ado, read on this article for further details.


Although it is only hitting on Brazillian market scene, the 2017 Fiat Mobi has sophisticated model and exterior design. The fascinating style sometimes is not enough to define a good compact car. However, it doesn’t work when we look at the modern cues of the Mobi. We have to say that the exterior design is just very efficient. It is able to resist any disturbances like UV, dust, and dirt at once. Thanks to the black glass rear hood. Moreover, the robust construction will make this car more huge and spacious than what we exactly look from a distance. The innovation of city car just becomes bigger and bigger these days.


Because of smart exterior design, the 2017 Fiat Mobi is able to pick up to five passengers at one time. Hence, this is one of Fiat’s flagships that have world class accessibilities in the class. Moreover, the door has very wide angle so that passengers can easy come and go whenever they want to. Thanks to the bipartite seat arrangement for the rear passengers to provide better adaptability easier than they thought before. In addition, it comes as standard. If you need more cargo space, you can fold it for one side or both sides. We also need to appreciate the Cargo Box.


It is always important to see what technology, which are available in 2017 Fiat Mobi interior. Of course, Fiat always has smart way to astonish their customers especially when it comes with the novelty of cutting edge technology. It is called Fiat Live On that is able to connect with your smartphones or mobile phones. Through this system, the users have easier and faster way to connect their smartphones especially when they need fast entertainment or multimedia unit during driving the Fiat Mobi. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of Live On helps the drivers doing what they need.

Trim Levels

For your information, the 2017 Fiat Mobi offers six trim levels on the dealerships now. They range from Easy, Like, and Way versions, which has ON version each of them. Every trim has also four-door chassis. Meanwhile, the engine under its hood is a 1.0 L engine. We don’t know the exact horsepower of it by the way. Overall, this compact car is more than what we think as small and compact automobile. It is modern compact car that provides so many features and versatilities within. The city challengers should look at this car because it is built and developed for them.