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Our client's testimonials Leave your comments, questions or sugestion for others and to answer later. This is an alternative to get feedback from you and improve our services.
Usuario agradecido says:
I am very gratefull for the service
The service was excelent and the process of the reservation was quick and easy.
Enrique says:
Car was excelent and the price just
I made a reservation last week. The car was in excelente state of manteinance, confortable, fast and secure. All the process was excelent
Eugene says:
Good cars, excelent service
I traveled to tulum on Aug. 1. I had rented a car for 15 days before through the easyway website. When you arrive to Tulum, a young man from the company was waiting for me. He was very friendly and helpful. Reviewed the car with me and wished me a good stay in Tulum. The car was in excellent condition. On my return to received the same treatment.
jacob says:
Best in Tulum
I have the best judgment of this rental office. I have been other times in Tulum and the truth after having stumbled with other rental offices, since I rented for the first time (a year and a half ago) with this renter, I have stayed with her. The cars are good, the boys are in charge of keeping them in top condition. They are new and comfortable cars and the truth, they will not find better treatment and service in all of Tulum
smith says:
Good company
It's a good company to rent a car. They are serious and professional people and the cars are modern and safe
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